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Straight Line Hiring in Partnership with lean Sales Solutions

Jordan Belfort
“We have a perfect partner with Lean Staffing. Straight Line Hiring is already seeing absolutely massive results from recruiting, training and delivering elite salespeople to logistics firms nationwide. Our clients' closing rates are going up, their sales cycles are shrinking, and their attrition rates are dropping like a rock. Together with Lean Staffing, we're going to transform the entire logistics industry, thanks to their penetrating insights, their global reach, and their world-class staff and leadership."

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Produce more leads, close more deals.

Revenue is the lifeblood of your organization, and obstacles in the sales process often stunt revenue growth. Our custom sales solutions help you streamline the journey from prospect to customer. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Straight Line Hiring Solutions

There’s no denying that the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, knows a thing or two about selling. Through Lean Sales’ exclusive partnership with Jordan’s Straight Line Hiring Solutions, we provide companies within the United States with the most productive sales teams, right out of the box, by recruiting, hiring, and training true sales killers to join your organization.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Through our strategic offering, we leverage the highly educated talent pool in Colombia to provide your organization with dedicated employees finding sales opportunities through outbound strategies.

Sales Training & Coaching Programs

Our network of professional sales coaches will empower your existing sales team to reach new heights through world-class sales training and dedicated coaching. We provide executive coaching for your sales leaders, as well as sales coaching for your sales executives. And if you need help establishing a sales process or building a sales strategy, Lean’s network of sales consultants will work with you to fulfill these needs.

Powered by Straight Line Hiring Solutions

Business is competitive. To grow and thrive you’ll need trained killers - sales professionals that will win larger deals in higher quantities. To offer companies in the United States the best of the best, we’ve partnered with the Wolf of Wall Street himself - Jordan Belfort - and his renowned Straight Line Hiring Solutions.  This unique offering handles the recruiting, hiring, training & placement of sales professionals that are engineered to make a positive impact on your bottom line. 

About Lean Sales

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Lean Sales is a division of Lean Staffing Solutions, a pioneer in Nearshore staffing services. Our sole focus is to accelerate your revenue growth by providing the best-in-class sales solutions for your organization.

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